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Staying fit and healthy starts with a balanced diet. Know and monitor the right weight for your age. Consult your doctor to learn what food you should avoid...

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10 Things You Should Know About Stretching

Before your fitness training, you must give importance to doing some warm-up or stretching exercises to help prevent injuries and to enhance the output during the fitness training. There are also a number of precautionary measures and tips to serve as guidelines when doing fitness exercises. Here are 10 of them:

1. To increase your flexibility and to avoid any injuries, stretch before and after your workout. Almost everyone knows that stretching before workout prevents injuries during the exercises, but not many people know that stretching after a workout, when muscles are still warm, can increase flexibility.

2. Hold your stretching position for more than 60 seconds to increase flexibility. While holding your position for 20 seconds is enough for warm ups, holding each position for at least 60 seconds will develop the body's flexibility...

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